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Why Our Tribe

Raising your tribe one book at a time

Read . Create . Educate

Watch your tribe growdevelopsoarachievethrough reading

What We Do

We deliver age-appropriate books, activity packs & more

to your tribe

The is the only affordable book and activity subscription service, catering for all ages from babies to toddlers and school-going children, where you get a FREE intro pack in your very first delivery.

  • Carefully chosen, age-appropriate books
  • New themed activity pack every month
  • Supporting Bokamoso Education Trust with every pack
  • Commitment-free/Cancel anytime
  • FREE Introductory pack worth R200 with your very first delivery next month

Subscribe to the tribe for as little as R159 p/m

We have 1,2 & 3 book subscriptions.

Receive a second book worth R149 for only an extra R60 per month by choosing the "Loves Variety" option for R219PM

(Discounted rate for multiple children)

(Your first Book club will be shipped on the 15th of the month after you join)

(Price Increase March of every year)

This exact pack for FREE with your first delivery*



* Only applies to paid up accounts.

If there are multiple Children they all get the exact same FREE INTRO PACK

Subscribe today to receive our Proudly South African theme in September

Screenshot_2019-07-30 All your designs - Canva

How It Works


Choose Your Tribe
Bunny 0-11m Book Worm

Pick the age group that best suits the youngest in your tribe.
Discounted rate for multiple children.


Choose Your Vibe

Select the budget that works for your tribe and then add more children.
We have 3 options to choose from.


Raise Your Tribe

Expect delivery after the 15th of the next month, directly to your door.
Debit Orders on 1st of the month.

What You Get

(0-11 months)


View price options  and add multiple children at discounted rates.

(1-4 years)


View price options  and add multiple children at discounted rates.

(5-10 years)


View price options  and add multiple children at discounted rates.

(11-13 years)

Hedgehog Heroes

View price options  and add multiple children at discounted rates.

What Members Have to Say


Hi Nadine

I just want to say thank you for the books I have received for my son Kyson. Money well spent!

Thank you very much


Rosy says Kids Book club is money well spent


Hi there
Loved this months pack - the book bag and the book selection (the babies board books and the Kids reader). Thanks so much. Ready to take to social media to promote you!

Thanks so much - I'm a big fan.


Theresa loves our KidsBookClub!


Thank you so so much. I was like a small excited child opening a present and when I opened the books, the smell took me back to when I was younger.

I am sure my son will feel even more excited.  Thanks again.


Michelle will order more


I just received the order.  WOW! I'm really impressed, thank you for the perfectly put together package.

So excited about the book club! 


Venessa is impressed


I love my job, it gives me the flexibility to be a mom and spend quality time with my boys. Not only do I get to choose some amazing books monthly, I then get to read these to my kids as part of my job, I truly believe that reading is one of the most important things we can encourage our children to do, so daily I get to be part of encouraging thousands to read.


Mandie (Operations Chief)

Blog Posts

Read our blog highlighting the importance of reading

About Kids Book Club

Meet the Kids Book Club Chiefs

There are  2 chiefs in this tribe, Mandie (AKA Mands) & Nadine (AKA Deanie) and 5 mini chiefs in the tribe, Aiden (8yrs), Ryan (4 yrs), Joshua (3yrs), Emily (9yrs) and Hannah (5yrs).

Oh my gosh ... actually, it's a long story ... read more here ...

Mandie & Nadine

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Or Call Us on 081 319 9105

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