3 - 8yrs Storybooks & Activity books Available in English and Afrikaans - Books sent are based on your childs Year & Month of birth that you capture.

Great Starter (1 Book)*

From R209 p/m (valued at R260)
  • 1 x Storybook - Paperback
  • - Themed shopping bag
  • - Themed A5 activity pack
  • - 'Story Sparker' bookmark & collectable

Book Worms (3 Books)**

From R429 p/m (valued at R590)
  • Get ALL Loves Variety items
  • +
  • 1 x Bumper edition storybook
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+ FREE Intro Pack in your first delivery

NOTE: Your subscription will auto-renew each month but you can cancel anytime. Titles will vary from those in the images.  Annual increase 1 March of every year (Applies to all invoices issued in February with a due date of 1 March)
*KBC Mini item for 0 - 11 Months only. **Offer  & Intro Pack differs for Hip Hedgehogs