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Counting Dinosaurs book review in collaboration with funmammasa

Title: Counting Dinosaurs Published by : Priddy books About the book This sturdy colourful toddler board book is perfect for young learners. Full of bright colourful dinosaurs and other prehistoric objects to search and find. This book will build on your dinosaur lovers interest and help them learn to count out objects. Perfect for developing…

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What the ladybird heard book review in collaboration with funmammasa

Title: What the ladybird heard Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Lydia Monks About the book An enchanting tale by Julia Donaldson full of humour and fun. Down on the farm the animals are warned of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Lens cunning plan to steal the prize cow when the ladybird overheard them. The quiet ladybird comes…

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Reading Activities For Kids

Turning reading into a game can be fun for your children. 1. Reading Photographs Simply reading words is not enough. Comprehending their meaning and expressing what isn’t written goes a long way in language development of a child, too. What You Need A book of pictures A family album How To Play Open any page…

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Reading is a critical component of creating self-esteem.

The development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of kids. Reading builds self-esteem because it fosters a more proficient reader, thus cultivating a more confident person. You can’t give a child self-confidence, they have to earn it. A good way to gain self-esteem is through reading.…

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July Newsletter – Soccer world cup season

July Newsletter – Soccer world cup season Soccer world cup season and little bear has been wearing his soccer kit to watch games with papa bear. Still too young to understand what the game is about he lifts his hands with a loud YAY each time papa shouts for a goal. Have you been following…

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What’s Going On In Your Child’s Brain When You Read Them A Story?

Parents, caregivers and teachers have options when it comes to story time. One can read a picture book, put on a cartoon, play an audio book. What is happening inside young children’s brains in each of those situations. Some storytelling may be “too cold” for children, or “too hot.” And, some are “just right.” When…

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