Meet the Kids Book Club Chiefs

There are 2 chiefs in this tribe, Mandie (AKA Mands) & Nadine (AKA Deanie) and 5 mini chiefs in the tribe, Aiden (8yrs), Ryan (4yrs), Joshua ( 3yrs, Emily (9yrs) and Hannah (5yrs). We also had a head chief Sally (AKA Granny, Momsie) but sadly she passed away 1 November 2017.

Mandie believe it or not was a client of our previous business BabyBundle - a nappy subscription service and she loved it so much she started working with us. Now Mandie is a friend and a part of our family as well as a partner in the business.

We all have a passion for books and believe that through books we can increase each and every child's ability to be the best that they can be in the future.

Mandie and I, along with our kids are actively involved in making the best choices we can when it comes to books, activities and tribe goodies.  My husband's niece Emily has played a huge role in the collector's items that you will be receiving. She is quite the entrepreneur as she has her own slime business at the tender age of 9. You go girl!

Anyway that is us in a nutshell and we all hope that you enjoy your Kids Book Club tribe experience with us!

Happy reading, creating and educating with your tribe members.

Lots of love

Mandie & Nadine