Reading Activities For Kids

Turning reading into a game can be fun for your children.

1. Reading Photographs
Simply reading words is not enough. Comprehending their meaning and expressing what isn’t written goes a long way in language development of a child, too.

What You Need
A book of pictures
A family album

How To Play
Open any page of the book or a nice photo from the family album that is quite descriptive. Ask your child what he thinks is going on in the picture and let him describe it to you. Nudge him to form complete sentences when he explains what he sees.

2. Personal Diary
You might think that your child is too young to have a diary. But this is a perfect age for him or her to start reading his activities.

What You Need
A decorated diary and a pen

How To Play
Depending on how old your child is, either you can ask him to write down in the diary at specific intervals, or you can write what your child did in a day as well. Then, on the following day, ask your child to read the entries of the previous day.

3. Put The Story Together
Along with reading, children also need to be introduced to the concept of causality and the sense of a story. This activity can help them with it.

What You Need
Multiple flashcards
A Pen

How To Play
Pick a simple story that your child has read and split into different sections by writing them down on various flash cards. Shuffle them and hand them to your child. Let him arrange the cards in a manner that it reads like a proper story.

4. Picture And Word Association
For the ones that are just beginning out, this simple activity can help assign meaning to words.

What You Need
A collection of pictures
Flash cards and a pen

How To Play
Arrange all the pictures around your child and write their names on the flashcards. Ask your child to place the correct flash card on the matching picture by reading it aloud.

5. Word Search
As children grow up, they can involve themselves in activities to find recognisable words from a jumble of gibberish.

What You Need
An activity book

How To Play
Start by either using solved crosswords or existing word search puzzles to give to your child. Ask him to find specific words in the jumble and circle them with a pencil.


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