July Newsletter – Soccer world cup season

July Newsletter – Soccer world cup season

Soccer world cup season and little bear has been wearing his soccer kit to watch games with papa bear. Still too young to understand what the game is about he lifts his hands with a loud YAY each time papa shouts for a goal.

Have you been following the world cup ?

Its also school holidays and we’ve had quite a bit of rain these holidays, keeping the bears inside. I’ve had little bear and his sibling cubs at home echoing the ever famous ‘ I’m bored’ phrase.

So we recently dragged out the board games and the craft supplies and i set them all daily crafting tasks. We have discovered little bear loves to paint and be creative but i won’t be letting him near the battle ships game again … I’m still finding little pieces everywhere!

Do you have board game nights as families?

kind regards
Judy MacGregor

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