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June Newsletter – Winter is here

June Newsletter

Winter has finally arrived and with it Cape Town has received a torrent of rain. For us that means many more hours indoors.

As the mamma bear of a toddler cub it also means digging out every and anything to keep him busy. So, as papa bear watched the Comrades this mamma bear set to work setting up a special reading area for bear.
I wanted a space he could be warm and comfortable to sit and grab a book or puzzle without us directing him to it. I wanted a space he knew was calm and where he could be free to explore.
Little bear loves his special space and I gave myself a secret high 5 when I saw him a little later sit down and pick up a book to read to his dinosaur.
On another note … I also discovered exactly how mamma bears porridge was always ice cold and papa bears was piping hot 😉
Keep warm.
Mamma & Bear 🐾

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