The Wizard of OZ book review in collaboration with funmammasa

The Wizard of OZ

Based on the story by : L. Frank Baum

Illustrated by: Amanda Gulliver

Age group: 6+

Based on the classic story, Dorothy is a young girl who along with her little dog, Toto, lives with her aunt and uncle in Kansas.

One day a strong wind picks up the house and deposits it into an enchanting land where she’s rewarded ,for killing the bad witch, with some magical red shoes.

Dorothy wants to go home, but instead is tasked with following the Yellow brick road to find the King of Oz and ask his permission to leave.

Along the way she meets a scarecrow, Tin man and lion who befriend her and accompany her unforgettable journey to the Emerald city to find the King.

Beautifully illustrated and condensed for little readers.

Perfect as a bedtime story.

Mamma Bear rating

????? (10 /10 paws)

This was a little to old for bear to understand yet but I enjoyed reading one of my childhood classics. It’s beautifully condensed and well written.

The illustrations are colourful and depict the story.

Definitely a bedtime story to enjoy or a beginner reader for older children.

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