Why Good Reading Habits Are Important For Children


Reading is wonderful and a child needs to learn to read to succeed in life. When they develop good reading habits, their future academical life is guaranteed to have an advantage. It will also affect their everyday life more positively.

Children should develop good reading habits at a very young age. Here are five reasons why you should teach them to read:

  1. Reading develops vocabulary: When they read they are exposed to words and phrases that they might not have heard of before – all the new words will find their way into their vocabulary. When reading aloud to your child, you are exposing them to a rich new language and they are also prepared to learn to read.
  2. Their attention span is increased: When you read to your child, they focus only on the story they are hearing. They, normally, won’t be distracted by anything else happening in the house. And the longer the story, the longer they will only pay attention to that story.
  3. Reading to your child prepares them for school: If your child spends a lot of time reading at home, prior to going to school, he/she will adapt easier to the allocated reading times in their classrooms.
  4. Reading develops a lifelong love of books: I read to my child as soon as she started talking, which was around the age of 18 months. In doing this, she developed a love for books and throughout her school life, and even now that she is an adult, she adores reading. Your child will also discover the pleasures that reading can bring.
  5. Reading develops a longing and thirst for knowledge: If your child listens to stories and start reading them on their own from a young age, they want to learn more about the world outside of their environment. They develop an interest in various subjects and other cultures. They will ask questions which will lead to them learning more every day.

How do you get them to read?

  • Read to them from a young age.
  • Make time to read yourself – they will follow your example.
  • Discuss the books they are reading with them.

[Source: Etllearning.]

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