First local story book in Kids book club this month!

We are so excited to share the good news with you that we will be sending out our first local story book! Matthew’s Bush Adventure.

This is a charming story by Maddy Badenhorst about a young boy called Matthew who wonders through the bush meeting various critters along the way. The book is a popular rhymed tale that children love and is beautifully illustrated. Aiden and Ryan both agree that this one is a new favourite.

Matthew takes a walk through the bush and meets exciting animals along the way: the banded mongoose, the mad monkey and the scrub hare but, of course, Matthew doesn’t go anywhere without his trusted teddy bear. Look closely on each page and see if you can find the hidden toy soldier. Matthew’s Bush Adventure explores the world of young children and how exciting the smallest of things can be. Maddy Badenhorst, the author, has a 4 year old son and many of the adventures in the book come from time spent with her son in his ‘secret garden’.

If you would like to purchase this book we have it for sale on our shop just follow the link below

Matthew's Bush Adventure

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